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We are your Uncle Leads –

A customer winning media agency that specializes in niche focused Lead Generation. Uncle to the rescue.

We like to keep it simple.

Uncle Leads has dedicated his life to build systems and processes of lead generations and prospect management tools to finds targeted prospects and decision makers at the click of a button.

With over 3 billion people online there is gotta be a way to NOT find your customers?

More Leads. More Often.

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See how we got a 24.5X ROI for home improvement company.

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Why Work with Us

5 Principles of Our Work

Let’s be honest – You are here because either you are struggling to get consistent business or you are ready for growth.

The first problem is like cancer – It will eat you inside out.

The second problem is like an opportunity – You miss the window and you’ll be back to the first problem sooner or later.

We work with a very few selected niches in the market where we know we can perform better than most. Our sales funnels infused with elements of persuasion, our creative ads copy, our precision targeting capabilities put us in top 5% of agencies in our selected niches.

Our time and memory precise system based on data is our strength…and we want it to be yours too.

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Industry Experience

Not everything for everyone. Specific Industries where performance meets passion.

Brilliant Team

Combination of Energy, Passion, Integrity and Experience. Mix you don’t find on gas stations.

Creative & Professional

Deliciously crafted ads with enough professionalism = More leads with higher conversion.

Complex process |Simple Solutions

An automated process to find, qualify, bring and close leads. Simplicity out of Complexity

Growth Focused

Acquire for $ + Sell for $$ = $. Feed it back for compound effect = Growth

Our Process

  • Strategy | Goals | Metrics

    At this stage we sit down with you and define a strategy that is best for your business. We set our monthly goals and metrics that drives our lead generation effort. Some clients want 100 leads a week and some can take only 10 – Every strategy is different.

  • 2. Market Study

    At this stage we study your market, needs, competition, customers and find gaps to position your campaign for success. Our experience in most of the niches we work with reduces this time to 2-4 days to fine tune our strategy specific to your business.

  • 3. Funnles | Offers | Assets

    At this stage we fine tune our time tested highly converting niche specific funnels to your audience, representing your business. We craft offers, plug in testimonials provided by you, use our persuasion formula, turn on the tracking, test/validate it out for its functionality, finish all the creative and technical aspects of funnel building and scheduling to be ready for visitors.

  • 4. Visitor Magnets | Selected Channels

    Here comes the fun part. We turn on our creative heads and use our experience to put visitor magnets on social media site(s), to drive prospect customers to your funnel. We build creative ad copies, set our keywords, define the target location, customer avatar and all the fun stuff to increase your qualified funnel visitor count and opt-in rates.

  • 5. Optimize | Optimize | Optimize

    The entire universe is built upon optimization. One who doesn’t optimize cease to exist. From week 2 (or after we have statistically significant data), we start to optimize your funnels, ad copy, layouts, emails and everything in between. Using our visitor tracking system we re-target prospects who have shown interest in your services but haven’t bought yet. We get meticulous with our optimization efforts to get you the best results for the $$ you spent.

  • 6. Results | Not over yet

    Soon enough you start to see more bookings on your calendar, phone ringing for inquires. Uncle’s work is to get you those hungry prospect leads looking for your service and this is where your part of the work starts. Better be prepared to take these calls and convert leads to customers.

Uncle Leads

More Leads. More Often. That’s All we have to offer.