Uncle Leads: Who We Are

It is your moral obligation to solve someone else's problem.

Uncle Leads was born out of a necessity.

Generating leads is nothing rocket science but the technological ways of generating consistent leads, to keep the business growing, are improving day after day and staying one step ahead of the curve has become a necessity more than a privilege.

At Uncle Leads our goal is to keep you one step ahead and one lead ready – ALL THE TIME.

Our team is made up of family oriented marketers, creative writers, channel experts, sales closers, web developers and data specialists ready to take the biggest burden off your shoulder – Bringing in businesses.

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Principles Of Our Work

Industry Experience

Not everything for everyone. Specific Industries where performance meets passion.

Brilliant Team

Combination of Energy, Passion, Integrity and Experience. Mix you don’t find on gas stations.

Creative & Professional

Deliciously crafted ads with enough professionalism = More leads with higher conversion.

Complex process |Simple Solutions

An automated process to find, qualify, bring and close leads. Simplicity out of Complexity

Growth Focused

Acquire for $ + Sell for $$ = $. Feed it back for compound effect = Growth

Clients & Testimonials

Anna G.

Digital Media

“We worked with them as partners and were happy that we could trust our client’s campaigns results without having to check in to the accounts to ensure everything is okay (they have it all covered with comprehensive reportings. Highly recommended!”

Alex F.

Real Estate

I was new to online marketing automation and glad that I met them at a local event. My business is growing rapidly and I hope it continues to do so. Will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for lead generation.

Diana W.


We were already running ads before we met Uncle Leads but our budgets were not producing satisfactory results. Within 3 months of working with Uncle Leads we have lowered our CPA and increased our conversion rates. Will definitely recommend Uncle Leads.

Richard B.

Tech Startup

Dev is pretty good at what he does. He and his team has helped us put together our growth strategy, build our sales funnels, ran ads, optimize and set us for consistent upward trend. We are very happy working with him and his team. His strong tech background has created a strong synergy between our team and his. We definitely recommend him and his team for paid strategy.

Dr. Dennis B.

University of Minnesota

“I really like the creative dialogue about how to display, organize, and make our calculator work. We have users comment all the time how nice our product looks and how well it works. Ours is a complicated product and the users are not always the most technologically savvy. Overall, you guys did a great job and for about the money I expected to pay.”

Pamela C.

Masgutova Foundation

I had no ”fears” because I had seen their work and knew it was great…that is why I wanted to work with them. ( If you want to see an example of their work go to MNRI introduction on YouTube)

Uncle Leads

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