About project

Period: May – Dec 2018

Client: Doctor’s Clinic

Subject: Conversion Jump 44%

Small changes to the campaigns produced significant results over time reducing average cost per lead by 35% and increasing conversions by 44%.

Challenge - Increase Margins

This particular business was a client of ours for about 3 months and had already experienced acceptable growth in his business. We received around 30% jump in the conversion rates when compared to their past efforts, putting the company at a consistent growth curve.

But we were not satisfied…We knew we can do better.

Goal – Cut costs and increase conversions over time.


As we started to get more data, we decided to make incremental changes to the campaign every week. These changes didn’t seem to be making much of a difference at the time of the change but over time we could see the compound effect.

Some of the changes we performed –

  1. Campaign Structure : We played with the campaign structures to give us more control over the budget, targeting and ads -scheduling. It also gave us better monitoring capabilities of the account. We created different campaigns for different services and had their own ads- scheduling for better control.
  2. Conversion Tracking : Since Google doesn’t already have this on for you when you run your campaigns, we had the conversion tracking on for phone calls, website inquiries, Quote requests etc. We monitored all different forms of conversions and their changes over time because without conversions and CPC you will not know how well your ads are performing.
  3. Keywords Check – We incrementally removed low performing keywords from the campaign. Some of these keywords were giving low quality leads, some had low ROI and others were eating up ads expense. We found top performing search terms and keywords and doubled down on them.
  4. Optimize budgets – Our new structure allowed us to better monitor our campaign budgets. We shifted $$ to campaigns that started to prove better than the others and used part of the budget to find hidden high performing keywords.
  5.  Improve Ad Copy РWe wanted to increase the click-through rate because we knew that if we can achieve even a better click-though rate we will not only be able to increase leads but we will also be able to cut costs. Knowing our audience and enough data on hand, we went creative with offers and kept on optimizing them.


The conversions went up to 44% and the costs went down by 35%.


This improvement in conversions resulted in over $30K in profit for the client.