About project

Period: Jan – June 2018

Client: Dentist

Subject: Improve AdWords revenue by 86%

100% increase in appointment and 77% increase in phone calls within 6 months.

Challenges and Goals

Increase in competition on google Ad network resulted in high CPC. Few other changes, like google’s change in algorithm and its ad positioning, aggravated their already high CPC resulting in decreasing margins.

Our Goals

  • Reduce cost of acquisition
  • Optimize their search campaigns driving more patients to the clinic
  • Improve retention rates and re-engage website visitors after they leave the site.


Like most of our campaigns we used a combination of strategies to reduce cost, created offers to differentiate them from their competition, Increase conversions.

Some Strategies we used were:

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  • Optimized ads creative, landing pages, call to action and tested them over and over again to optimize their Click-through-rate and bookings (phone calls, calendar appointments)
  • For each specific group the clinic wanted to target, we created specific campaigns with specific targeting, keywords etc.
  • Re-targeting played a big role. We re-targeted those users who visited the site but either didn’t take any action or didn’t book any appointment.
  • We optimized keyword targeted by removing all the low performing keywords and tested new hidden high performing keywords.
  • We infused their landing page with our propitiatory formula of elements of persuasion to increase their conversion rates.


Resuts were better than what we expected:

  • Cost -per-conversion reduced by 15%
  • Click-through-rate and conversion rates where doubled in a matter of 2 months
  • 100% increase in appointment and 77% increase in phone calls.

What's Next

  • Double their appointment and set them up on a scaled growth curve using multi-channel marketing with improved re-targeting and followups.
  • Future optimize the campaigns to reduce cost of acquisition by 15%

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